External Surface Management

Discover, track and protect your company's exposed servers and IoT - anywhere.

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Your Assets Are Everywhere

Today with cloud services, subsidiaries, shadow IT and third-party vendors - it's hard to follow.


Take Control

Get your company's real-time exposed inventory, take action and reduce your exposure.

We are mapping the entire internet on a daily basis.
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See The Big Picture

Uncover your real company's external surface and blind spots - fight ShadowIT.

Understand Your Risk

Know your company weaknesses before a hacker exploits them.

Investigate & Solve

Get all the details you need to resolve the issues ASAP.


Asset Discovery
Find your company's uncharted assets exposed world-wide.
Internet-scale Attack Surface
Discover your company’s external attack surface, globally.
Supply Chain Risk Tracking
Close deals faster as assessing your business partners risk is now easier.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Perform IT risk assesments of an acquisition target in a single mouse click.

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