About us

Our Mission

Help organizations take control of their assets by providing
complete and continuous visibility and insight at scale.

  • What we do

    Reposify is the new way organizations manage and protect their internet-facing assets. Our outside-in approach to managing organizations’ external attack surface is the only scalable way to reduce exposures and secure the perimeter-less network.

  • Who we are

    Reposify was founded by a team with multidisciplinary experience in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure and software development working together to help organizations safeguard their external attack surface.

What Guides Us

Our customers, their challenges & goals

  • Security teams need better solutions

    Under staffed and overworked. You need a solution that works for you. Reposify scans your surface 24/7 and delivers the insights you need via the channel of your choice.

  • Security is everyone’s business

    Bridging the visibility & communication gaps are key for reducing exposures. From security and IT teams to DevOps, Reposify delivers visibility for all.

  • Securing an ever-changing environment

    Boosting efficiency without compromising your security posture is a must. Automation & integrability are essential ingredients for staying ahead.

Reposify at a Glance

Exposed Assets
Indexed Monthly
Of Combined Cyber
Security Experience & Expertise
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We are growing and looking for talented people like you!

If you’re passionate about technology and want to take a meaningful part in protecting organizations worldwide - join our team, where your voice will be heard, where you too can make a difference, and where you'll be surrounded by true soul-players that are both talented and fun to work with! Join our team and you will be surrounded by true soul-players that are both talented and fun to work with!

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