About Us

Reposify’s technology allows businesses to locate and map known and unknown assets beyond the firewall, at scale and provide risk and alert management to any breaches or unusual behavior, helping them achieve cyber resilience. Built by a team with broad, multidisciplinary experience in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and software development.

Meet Our Cyber Security Experts

Yaron Tal, CEO

Yaron is a cybersecurity expert and serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Prior to founding Reposify, he co-founded 6Scan, a hacker protection for websites that served half millions websites. Yaron also held key roles in several other startups in the Wi-Fi security and cloud computing spaces earlier in his career. He is a an alumnus of the Israeli Cyber Security Center, Matzov.

Idan Moyal, CTO

Idan is a technologist with 15 years of experience managing R&D teams and building products from the ground up. Before co-founding Reposify, Idan held key roles on Cloudify’s R&D team and at GigaSpaces as a developer for the XAP core team. Idan contributed code to OpenStack HEAT and took part in the Oasis TOSCA committee, defining an emerging standard for cloud topology orchestration. He is an alumnus of the Electronic Warfare Unit in the Israeli Air Force.

Koby Meir, VP R&D

Koby is a software engineer with 15 years of research and development experience from assembly up to complex web applications written in Python and has led multiple software development teams. He is an alumnus of the Tactical Communications division in the Israeli C4I Corps.