The pain is real

The extent of modern network perimeters makes it hard for companies to discover, manage, and protect their servers and IoT devices, which may be scattered over the Internet. Enterprises have limited visibility of their networks and are aware only of some servers and IoT devices when they install cybersecurity products.

Reposify to the rescue


Unpatched Software


Data Leakage


Misconfigured Servers


Potential DDOS

Using our innovative internet-scale mapping capabilities of the entire internet, we enable enterprises to manage uncharted assets and be notified whenever we detect new exposed server or IoT associated with them—for example, an exposed database with classified information or staging servers (ShadowIT) that shouldn’t be publicly available.

Reposify’s technology allows businesses to locate and map known and unknown assets beyond their firewall, at scale. It provides risk and alert management for any breaches or unusual behavior, helping businesses to achieve cyber resilience. Our solution was built by a team with broad, multidisciplinary experience in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and software development.

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